Saturday, April 28, 2012


     Today's truckers are paying for the past kindness of truckers everyday at the shippers and receivers by not getting paid for their time at the loading dock.  This is an industry wide issue.  In the past, the hours of service were lax and drivers could easily volunteer some extra time in the dock. 

     The problem is that today we are under strict rules and laws.  This being the case, we cannot volunteer this time any longer, yet shippers and receivers are now expecting the trucks to sit unpaid at their facilities.  As far as I am concerned, this just drives the rate up.  No detention equals another 50 cents a mile at least on long hauls and maybe another $300.00 on top of the line haul on local loads if I even except the load at all.  In addition to this, there should be a stipulation that with no detention pay there is also no guarantee that I will wait on the load. 


Dave Sanderson said...

Very true!
The only thing that will stop all the foolishness we go thru is when there is freight on the dock/yard and the shipper or receiver cannot find a truck to pick it up and deliver it. When this happens then we will be paid what we deserve.
Profit margins for motor carriers are too slim for them to pay more so it is up to the one paying the freight to change. Too many are willing to drive a truck until something else comes along and are willing to put up with alot until that happens. This is a business not a paid vacation. Seeing the country is our perk just like a cubicle dweller gets to go to a training seminiar and spend a day or two in a fancy hotel in an exciting city.
This happens in other business (computers,miners,airplanes.etc.)it is this business that makes it hard to take. Run smarter not harder and do it the best you can is the only solution I have found.
I hope you enjoy doing the blog Ed I think a bunch will enjoy reading it.

Ed said...

Thanks Dave. Good to see ya again!