Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Best Foods To Keep In The Truck

     The best foods to eat in the truck is the stuff that you don't have to worry about.  Soups, canned meat, chips, water, cookies (healthy-ish cookies), and bread are usual standards.  You should develop a routine that you can stick to.

     I like to have a hot pot to heat water, a small fridge or electric cooler to keep cold stuff, and a burton stove or similar 12 volt stove.  Microwaves are good, but not necessary and can speed up the cooking of certain foods.  Hello!  Its a microwave!  Anyway, you need to be able to heat up stuff, and I don't recommend a propane burner at all.  I have seen too many trucks burned to the ground and some of them with the drivers dead inside because they fell asleep.  I like to stay with the heating methods that wont start fires in the even of me falling asleep.  Of course a microwave could start a fire, but use some common sense man!


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