Friday, April 20, 2012

Finding Your Path

     The best places to get in some exercise on the road is a place that is truck friendly and safe.  Ideally you want a place to park where you have access to a long flat road or a trail.  The Travel Centers of America has been putting trails in at some of their locations.

     You can simply settle for an area that has good sidewalks.  This is easy and there are usually truck friendly commercial areas in most cities since, when you are in the country, you shouldn't have to worry about it as there are good places to park in the countryside on average.  Your main concerns are safety and legality.  Of course you also have to worry about load theft depending on what kind of equipment you are using and loads you are hauling.

     I never advise parking on on-ramps or exit ramps as this is usually illegal and it is very unsafe.  You also don't want to go for a walk on any interstate or major highway as this is not only unpleasant, but very unsafe.  It is best to find a large parking lot that you can get your truck into and stay within sight of the truck while you are doing your exercise.

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