Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oversized Load 1

An oversized load that was only 9 feet, 4 inches wide.

I started with 4 pieces of wooden dunnage that were 4 X 4 X 8 feet wooden timbers.

Next the freight was placed on top of the dunnage.  I used 2 pieces of dunnage per piece so that the dunnage wouldn't come loose and so that the freight is stable.  Each piece was secured with 2-  5/16 inch chains and 2 - snap binders.  The chains were pushed through the holes in the freight with 10 foot long 1 inch aluminum square tubes.  After the snap binders were secured, they were wrapped with a small twist chain with a snap link attached, then the excess chain was wrapped around the binders.

The next step after placing and securing the freight is to protect the freight from the elements and also to protect the tarps from the freight at the same time.  To start off, I used edge protectors on all sharp edges and then layed felt pads out over the load.

Now the felt pads are unrolled over the entire load to protect the tarps from the sharp edges of the sides of the load.
Now the tarps are unrolled over the entire load, starting with the back tarp and then the front tarp is unrolled over the front tarp.

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