Monday, April 11, 2011

How I started

My parents were truckers after trying and doing well at other types of industries. From teaching to management, they tried all sorts of working environments. One day the old man decided to go to trucking school and start driving over the road for J.B. Hunt. Soon afterward Mom was tired of being alone and had to join him. A few years later they had paid off all of the debts that they had maintained my whole life and secured a solid retirement.
I took a similar path, but being unmarried and alone I was not operating as a team and I had the Marine Reserves to attend monthly and yearly as well. The Marine Reserves is a very demanding place unlike what most people think. You must stay informed about your job in the reserves without actually being able to do the job and you must maintain your physical fitness every single day because when you show up for those monthly visits, they are going to test your brain and demand of your physical stature or you are in for a tough time unlike anything you have ever known. I, fortunately, never failed a test in the 6 years I was tested even while maintaining a trucking business.

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