Sunday, April 10, 2011

A guy walked up to me in a parking lot today

So today I answered the ever changing question of: "Nice truck, what are your suggestions as to how to run a trucking business?". Well that's simple! What are your needs? What are your desires? Do you know anything about trucks? Do you know anything about trailers? Do you know anything about customer relationships? Do you know anything about the DOT and how your business needs to have low overhead and high income? Do you know how the people impacted by your business are doing and where their business is headed? Yeah that is a simple question. My suggestion?

Go to OOIDA's website and start reading. Attend some webinars and start asking more people about their needs and why they drive where they do. You literally have a long road ahead and you need to get informed. Perhaps in the next few posts I will detail how to start running out here.

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