Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How I Started - Two

After attending trucking school, I started driving for the fifth largest trucking company in the US, Builder's Transport(BT). They had been in business for decades and were a reliable company. Reliable in the trucking business is a class unto itself. Two years after signing on with BT I noticed that they were going into the crapper and soon afterward, they were bought out by Schnieder. Schnieder is a fine company, but large and not of any interest to me.

I took a hiatus for a few months from trucking and then returned to another company that had been in business for 35 plus years called Trans-States Lines (TSL). About a year after signing on here I noticed that I was being paid for doing very little work. About six months later they were bought out by Burlington Northern and they Burlington Northern was bought out by Celadon. I left before they went under the first time and were bought out by Burlington Northern. Burlington was another fine company and so was Celadon.

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