Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How I Started - Three

After leaving TSL I went to Koch Trucking in Minneapolis, MN and what a mistake that was! While at Koch, I had a dedicated circular route and enjoyed windsurfing in Corpus Christi, TX on a weekly basis at the same time fishing and enjoying the beach life. I was there for a year or so and about the time that 9/11 happened I had been sent to the terminal in Minneapolis to pick up a truck and in this truck was some drug paraphernalia. I complained to the safety director and he shrugged it off and dismissed me. At the same time I was hearing about driver's being laid off for all sorts of ridiculous reasons.

I will go into Koch later, but I will make a long story short and say that Koch was going through some turbulent times and they were shedding drivers and dispatchers like fleas on a dog that just jumped into a fire.

Begin the Owner/Operator period which is still going on in my life.

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