Monday, April 18, 2011

EOBR's (Electronic On Board Recorders)

Now we have EOBR's direct from the FMCSA. The idea is a good one, but it will need some serious tweaking. The problem with the current rules and regulations is that they apply to every driver and the problem with that is that every driver runs a different operation. Team operators run differently than solos and regional operations are different than long haul operations. The same rules apply to everyone. Another problem with the EOBR's is that they don't work with trucks. That's right! They don't work. For example:
Lets say that I start my clock for the day and then 5 minutes later, my plans change and I have changed my mind for whatever reason so that I wont be starting my work day for a few hours later. Well now my clock has started and I have 14 hours to complete my work day. The EOBR is recording my time now. This is not going to work as the EOBR will record me as in violation if I restart my clock in 5 hours and then try to drive for 10 hours. They are a great idea for keeping track of the vehicle's movements and what happened after a crash, but to use them to enforce Hours of Service is not practical.

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