Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Staying Fit On The Road

     When I first started driving a truck, I was 21.  I couldn't gain weight if had to.  I had been driving about 5 years and started noticing some weight gain.  As I neared 30, I gained considerable weight.  I had put on about 40 lbs. since I first started driving.

     I bought two jack stands for use as a barbell workout stand.  Keeping my barbell weights in a milk crate behind one of the seats came in handy as I had easy access to the exercise equipment.  In addition to my bench press set up, I had a forearm bar which I used with a rope.  The forearm workout combined with the triceps exercise and bench press was a very good multiple purpose exercise routine.

     I ran for 45 minutes a day, did aerobics for 30 minutes, and lifted weights for an hour.  I did these exercises alternately on different days.  One day I would run, do aerobics, and do bench press, then the next day I would do triceps, run and aerobics.  Everyday I would alternate everything and do different exercises every day.  I did this for a year and lost the 40 lbs. that I had put on and then some.  Exercising in the trucking world is not natural.  You must work out whenever you can and wherever you can.  You have to get it where you can.  If your time off is in the morning, then that is when you work out.  If it is in the evening, then that is when you workout.

     Diet is also important.  You need to drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables, and lean meats.  You should mix it up and throw in some healthy energy bars and healthy snacks during the day.  Good healthy snacks include nuts, fruits, sweet peppers.  I would try to eat small meals spread out over the day.

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