Monday, April 16, 2012

Movies In The Truck

     As you might suspect, movies in the truck are a usual past time.  The state of Minnesota started asking commercial truck drivers if they cared to take a survey about the inside of their sleeper compartments.  In this survey, they were asked if they had such things as televisions, vcrs, dvd players, video game consoles, books, etc.. etc. If you answered yes to having a few of these items, you were put out of service and detained in the scale house parking lot.  Of course OOIDA broke the story for all of us to learn about and as usual it came in very handy.  OOIDA took the state of Minnesota to court for violating our fourth amendment rights to privacy and won.  Now the state of Minnesota can no longer invade our private sleeper compartments with their intrusive surveys.  So go ahead and enjoy your movies and truckers, you worked hard today and you earned it.    Thank OOIDA for protecting your rights and keeping the powers that be in check.

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