Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The new truck arguement is one I have had many times over the last couple of years and I really want a new truck, but I want one that fits my budget. The fact is that a new truck has a new truck payment, maintenance, full insurance coverage, and none of these things ever diminishes for several (at least 3) years. When I have to shell out money for repairs and justify it because I am operating a used truck, I do so like this:

1. The cost of repairs alone is less than a new truck payment.

2. The fact that I don't have a truck loan payment every month is true freedom as if the truck is in good condition, it is as good as a new truck.

3. The new trucks that I have test driven have been exactly like driving my truck as it is and I know what I have under the hood.

4. If I spend $20,000.00 a year on maintenance that is almost $20,000.00 less a year than a new truck payment, repairs/maintenance on the new truck.

5. To replace an engine in these trucks is $20,000.00 and the engine warranties last 3 years so you could replace one every three years and always have an engine warranty as well as the drivetrain.

You could install a rebuilt transmission every three years for $6000.00. So basically you could pay $2500.00 a month for a new truck that is only decreasing in value plus maintenance and insurance you are looking at between $35,000.00 a year and $40,000.00 a year. The other option is to install a rebuilt engine and transmission for around $30,000.00 every three years and only be out around ten grand a year. You do the math.

The thing about the new truck is that it is new and you have the manufacturers warranty plus the tax depreciation and generally less maintenance. The thing about the used truck is that you don't have to make high monthly payments and you roll the dice on installed components.


Anonymous said...

...Eddie my dear, I totally agree with you and so would Franchi...we feel the same way about having a new car...those payment stubs become an eyesore, lol...ox MAE

Ed said...

I have a fan!