Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hurricane Ike has just passed through and now it is time to pick up the pieces. There is the largest rescue and recovery effort ever attempted going on now in Texas and I am just waiting for the call. 140,000 people weren't accounted for, but I have faith in the Texas spirit and ability to pull through. Once the phone lines are back up and going again things will start to get back to normal. There was flooding in the south areas around Galveston, but it looked like most of the people made it out.

I know that the generators getting up and running along with the phone lines are a top priority. Hopefully the hospitals are in good shape to help whoever needs it. I am amazed that all of the Gulf areas don't have better systems in place to deal with these types of things. Maybe we are on the verge of having an impenetrable system on the gulf which can withstand all sorts of things.

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