Still Here

Well our clutch finally gave out after 830,000 miles.  It was the original clutch. Interesting thing is that there was another truck exactly like ours and made at the same time. This truck that I'm referring to had a clutch installed from the factory which failed before 100 miles. 

Ours lasted to 830,000 miles.  I was going for 1 million,  but 830,000 is good enough.

We are still using the original EGR cooler and EGR valve.  I wonder how long they will go.

Still aiming for a million.


Driver cruz said...

Your posted this 330 am,you must travel mostly at nite,which is cool,cuz its less traffic and people to mess with,i also work nites delivering milk in Denver Colorado,I plan to one day be owner op,its my goal,but first I have to convince my wife that it's great life experience to be able to travel and get paid to do it.Anyways keep your eyes on the road and be safe,this is driver Cruz over and out

Ed said...

Cruz, thanks for reading my blog. As a team operation we do travel at night, but the blog has been published in the early morning in the past because I might write a post and schedule it for posting later. I hope you find useful information here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but make sure you read my past blog entries. There's a bunch of good stuff in there. Good Luck!

Driver cruz said...

Yo, ED,its sounds like you got your clutch(money) worth out of it,(LOL),, I'm class A delivery driver to Starbucks in Denver Colorado for 5 yrs now and plan one day to be owner operator like you and hopefully as successful as you,so keep your eyes peel and be safe out there,OVER AND OUT driver cruz

Anonymous said...

Good morning Ed,
First and foremost your blog is very informative and helps a lot, its a blessing, THANK YOU. On another note, I am highly interested in owning and operating a box truck/3500 Mercedes sprinter cargo van. From what I have being reading in your blogs, even though its more for 18 wheelers, most of your the information seemed to have a relation to what I plan and want to do. Its all new to me, would you advice renting a truck or van first before buying? or should I go ahead and buy one since am 100% I would like to be on the road(already quit my general manager positon at the Hilton-highly determined to start)----and if so what vehicle brand would you recommend....sorry for bombarding you with questions but I honestly do not know anyone willing to help like you have with you blogs...thanks again...and I would like to learn a lot more for sure.(just need help and advice with how it works)