Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!


christal pafford said...

Any advice on a good company to lease to? We are looking at Mercer.

Ed said...

Christal thanks for checking out my blog. There are many good companies to lease to. I've been leased to Landstar for just shy of 14 years and I like their system. Mercer is a fine choice as well. You said "We" so are you a team operation? What kind of trailer do you usually pull? Do you want to be home as much as possible or do you want to stay out for weeks or months at a time? I can't really give you a solid Yes on any carrier, but I can say that some of the older carriers like Mercer and Landstar have old reliable contracts that can keep you as busy as you want to be. Do you want to find your own loads or do you want people to help you with that? You've asked a seemingly easy to answer question that is actually pretty involved. Mercer had some trouble moving flatbed loads in the last couple of years and Landstar's flatbed freight has slowed down quite a bit this year. Van freight is even more plentiful. Unfortunately the trucking industry as a whole is in a slump this year so wherever you go, don't expect a whole lot right now. Some large carriers who were planning on buying more trucks are actually getting rid of trucks instead.