780,000 Miles

The turbo on our engine started leaking oil into the air filter.  As the turbo started leaking, the ECM computer on the engine was displaying codes on the dash in the cab that referred to the turbo.  Each time the engine was revved to 1400 and above RPMs, the oil seal in the turbo would fail allowing oil to seep into the air filter. 

I think that 780,000 miles is a good run for an original part from the manufacturer.  This turbo was made in 2006 and lived to the ripe old age of 10 years old.  It had a good life.  Let's all have a moment of silence for our recently deceased turbo.  But wait!  Since I turned the turbo in as a core, it will be rebuilt and live again! 

Now we're using a rebuilt turbo and hopefully we'll get years and years of trouble free service out of it.  The new turbo has really improved the throttle response of the engine.  In addition to the turbo, I had the engine brake rebuilt and a valve adjustment.  The truck is running like new and it just recently passed a DOT inspection with flying colors.