2014 And The End Of A Two Year Saga

It's been a while since my last post, and some of that has to do with the busy month or so we've had, but mostly it's the culmination of two whirlwind years.  Salena and I set out to accomplish some pretty lofty goals and I'm happy to report we accomplished them!

We have had two whole years of mostly uninterrupted, steady, lucrative work.  I'd like to extend many thanks to the team at Landstar for their efforts because without them it may have been harder than it was.  I am using the two year reference because my plan to accomplish all of my goals was set in motion in January of 2013.  The end date was December 31st, 2014.  Today.

We had financial, mechanical, strategic, and life goals we were working on.  It's almost surreal that we accomplished every single one of them.  I've said before that goal accomplishment is essential in running a business.  It's imperative to set realistic goals and work toward them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and even decennially.

Our business needed to increase its profits, which it did.  Our mechanical goals needed to be such that the truck's maintenance was regularly scheduled and completed.  It was.  Our financial goals were to position our business in such a way that it had the lowest overhead going into 2015, a year in which I am forecasting our highest income.  That has happened as well.

As far as life goals, we were able to structure our life around the business in such a way that prior to this year has been more difficult.  We've been able to help our friends and family with their requests and we have moved forward toward our goals outside of trucking.

Going into 2015 we are poised to enjoy a profitable, successful, and fun year that we're both looking forward to.  We have set new goals and have new challenges on the horizon.  Our business has a few new obstacles and hurdles to deal with, that we'll handle as they come, and we are going to be spending 2015 doing some new things that we have only planned to do, not knowing for sure if it would ever happen.

The easy goals help you accomplish the slightly more difficult goals, which then lead you to accomplishing the even harder goals.  All of these goals and the process of setting goals is essential to having a successful business and often, a successful life.  Although life has a way of disrupting even the easiest of goals, it's still possible to accomplish what you desire, and achieve most of what you set out to do by forging ahead and staying the course.

"Eyes on the prize" is another way of putting it.  2014 has culminated a two year run for us, and one that we will never embark on again.  We have recovered from some loss and came out smelling like roses.  I can't really go into detail on the internet, but I can say that we have achieved far more than simple goal setting.  We have achieved something I don't think anyone who becomes a trucker, ever thinks is possible.

To the readers of this blog, know that I much appreciate your attention.  Feel free to let me know if there is anything I can discuss here which might be of interest to you.  

Happy New Year's Eve everyone and thanks for being a part of our 2014.

Here's to a great 2015!