The Future Of Trucking

If you've ever wanted to drive a truck, you'd better get on it.  One word - robots.  Elon Musk recently said that automated vehicles are 5 to 6 years away.  Trucks will follow soon afterward.  At first they will still have drivers, but over time, the drivers will go away.  That is what my crystal ball is telling me.  It stands to reason that automation has been place since the 70's in aircraft.  Equipped with several redundant systems that will take over if one of them fails.

The pilot still needs to be there to make sure that the automation is doing what it's supposed to, but the more time rolls by, the more equipment becomes automatic.

Power steering, automatic transmissions, GPS, Lidar, Radar, proximity sensors, electronic engine controls, and imaging recognition technology that allows cameras to read and remember what they read. Finally the brain that combines all of these features into what's called the autopilot.

Tesla motors recently launched their latest product, a car with limited autopilot.  The big cost of adding autopilot to your Tesla?  A whopping $1400.00!  That's it!  So the technology is on the immediate horizon.  Like I started this post saying, if you want to be a good ole Trucker, you better get in now.

In 15 years, there may no longer be truckers as we know them today.

Oh Yeah!!!