I'm Glad I Chose To Be A Truck Driver

Being a modern day truck driver and truck owner has its satisfactions.  The trucks are mechanically easy to operate because of technology in transmissions, engines, power steering, and cab climate options.  You're able to choose where you want to live, work, and socialize.  The scenery is always changing so boredom isn't so much of a problem.  When new things happen around the US and Canada, you can get a load going there and see it firsthand.

You're your own boss and control your work schedule.  You get to be involved in your industry's future by voicing your opinions with the legislators and driver's organizations.  In recent days the opportunity to make a lot of money, even more so than a doctor, lawyer, or engineer has become a reality.  You control who works on your equipment, who you do business with, and where you patronize local businesses to expand your operation.

It's not too difficult to buy multiple trucks and hire drivers for them.  If your desire is to become a fleet owner, it happens every day!  Fleet owners can own as many trucks as they can afford to operate.  Another recent trend is the broker services.  Many freight brokers have popped up to service all types of freight.

Trucking has been a good choice for me.  I enjoy the challenge of navigating the many roads and around the many different drivers.  I appreciate the fact that truckers are the backbone of this country.  Without us truckers, the country would seize up in a matter of a few days. Think about that for a minute.  Do you have a job where if no one showed up to do it, the entire country would collapse?  I've had the pleasure of seeing faces light up when I arrive because the people are excited to receive what they ordered.  In many cases it's the first time they have seen whatever it is in person.

It's not all roses and butterflies, but there's a place for just about everybody in the trucking field.  From driving, dispatching, load planning, trailer loading and unloading, to maintenance, security, facility management, and on and on, regardless of what the future holds, freight will need to be moved from the farms and factories to the stores.

One of the things that makes trucking a unique and rewarding profession is the general opinion that people have about truck drivers.  Truckers are not only the backbone of this country, but the world. Most people have tended to put the truck driving job itself into a class unto itself.  Truckers are only one component of the shipping process albeit an important one. 

Early on in life I weighed out all of the options and becoming a trucker was an option that I will never regret.  Having almost spent 20 years in trucking, it's been a great ride.

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