Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Fountain Of Youth Is Real

This is human related.  Not just for truckers.  For most people, this is going to read like a Biology Class paper, but it is the biggest news I have heard in my lifetime.  

What it is it? Recently a process was created to revert adult cells in humans into stem cells.  You are born with about 50 million reproducing stem cells.  By the time you reach 35 years of age, they have stopped reproducing and the human body can only do one thing after that.  Die.  From that point on your body starts to decline and the reason why is because your cells have stopped growing and multiplying.  

Now using a chemical process, your body's cells can be stressed out to the point where they revert into a stem cell.  This will reverse aging, cure disease, and stretch a human life potentially indefinitely.  This is no joke.  

Google "adult cells into stem cells" and you will find out everything you didn't want to know about stem cells.  And you will look at the rest of your life in a whole new way.  Think of living another 200 years as a 20 year old.  It's not science fiction folks, it's reality.

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