Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

2013 was a good year for us.  We had steady freight and plenty of work.  We bought a new trailer and put our old trailer up for sale.  This blog brought in about 15,000 readers and I hope it had some good information for everyone.

Trucking is not just about delivering freight, but about meeting people and seeing new places.  Historically it has been a great way for people who have no other way of getting around the country to be able to do so.  And to make money doing it.  In 2014 I am going to try to keep up with the changing regulations and give you my take on them.  One big one is the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and the fact that the FMCSA was pushing to get it onto the books.

And they failed.  Here's to hoping that 2014 doesn't help them push it through at all.  In regard to the CSA, this is from the FMCSA:

The agency says the changes to its Motor Carrier Management Information will allow it to remove violations from a carrier’s or driver’s CSA score and PSP report if the violation was dismissed or resulted in a “not guilty” ruling. FMCSA will retain the violation and indicate it resulted in a different or lesser charge and change the severity weight in the carrier’s CSA Safety Measurement System if adjudication results in conviction of a different charge.

Of course this was never considered when it was originally written, that a driver could actually be innocent of the failed inspection.  One more reason why the industry is continuing on its downward spiral.  At least they corrected this little issue.  

The time is gone when a driver could have multiple accidents and then just quit working at a company and sign on somewhere else to pick up where he or she left off. That was the goal of the CSA, to home in on the problem drivers because the trucking companies wouldn't do it. 

It's still all about the all mighty dollar.  

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