Thursday, April 4, 2013

Read The Pump

While fueling at a Love's truck stop in Joseph City, AZ I happened to see this warning label near the pump.
Looking closer I see the label states:  if you are fueling a vehicle with 3 or more axles, you will be faced with a minimum $1000.00 fine if you use this pump.  My truck has 3 axles.  
After seeing this, I snapped a couple of pictures and walked by all of the truck island fuel pumps to notice the same sticker on every fuel pump.  After asking the fuel desk attendant about the sticker and seeing their confused look, I talked to a manager.  He explained to me that the maintenance guy put the wrong stickers on the pumps.  On ALL of the pumps.  Wow!  I could understand a couple of pumps, but ALL of them?  I should hand him some stickers that say "Free fuel on Wednesdays".  I wonder if anyone has called the phone number at the bottom of the pump.  Needless to say, I fueled without paying the fine.  


Dave Sanderson said...

Good old Bsrney Fife comes to mind yelling CITIZENS ARREST...CITIZENS ARREST... I hope Andy was nearby:)

scott said...

The guy put them on the wrong pump.....ok...does he plan to take them off?

Belledog said...

It makes me laugh that the station owners let them remain there without putting up their own signage.

Wonder how long it will take to correct.

You should be calling 877 AZ FOOLS on this one.