Driving Is Still The Most Comfortable Way To Travel

As I write this, I am passing through airport security and being greeted by about ten different TSA officials.  Salena's bag is searched and a small Swiss Army Knife that she forgot about is being confiscated.  There are many regulations that must be adhered to so that the skies stay safe.

Meanwhile, if I had taken the same trip in my car or semi-truck, I would be listening to my favorite songs, relaxing wherever and whenever I felt like it, eating at my leisure, sleeping in comfortable accomodations, not worrying about falling out of the sky, and not having the back of my seat rocked uncontrollably by any stranger who passes by.

Flying IS faster but why is everyone in such a hurry anyway?  I don't have a slogan anywhere on my truck, but if I did, it would say "Why?".  That is all it would say.   Does anyone really think about why they hurriedly drive around so dangerously?  I still feel like traveling by ground is the safest way to travel, but only when every vehicle is finally driven by a robot, will it REALLY be safe.  That day is coming. 

Something like 30,000 people a year die in car accidents.  Truck accidents are down dramatically and truck driver fatalities are up.  When you consider that driving 30 miles through town and traffic lights or even on a local highway is extremely dangerous it is because of how people drive.  The fact is that regardless of whether you leave your house for work and drive as fast as you can from red light to red light in your Porsche 911 Turbo or you meander along the same course in a 30 year old jalopy, you will arrive at about the same time.  Maybe in the Porsche, you might arrive 2 minutes sooner, and that is only if you make every green light.

So 2 minutes is worth your life?  The only way that driving faster makes a significant difference is if you are travelling at least 1000 miles.  Then if you are traveling 5 mph faster, you will get there an hour or two earlier.  Otherwise, going slow around town and taking a couple of extra minutes to enjoy the drive will yield a more enjoyable life.

This day and age driving slow might get you shot. HA!  There is always the crazy lunatic factor.  I guess the point is that regardless of how you travel, leave yourself enough time to relax.