Thursday, October 25, 2012

Close Call

Late one night in Arkansas, Salena was driving and we were almost trapped between two semi trucks on I-40.  Salena did the right thing by slowing down and preparing to move over, but she was faced with a choice of either going left, right, or straight ahead.  She chose to slow down and go straight ahead.  Thankfully, the truck driver on the ramp looked in his or her mirror and moved back over in time.

One of the biggest threats to us drivers on the road are the other drivers.  In this case, the driver was most likely tired and trying to find a place to stop to get some sleep.  As he or she pulled off the road into a closed truck weigh scale/rest area, they noticed it was completely closed off to all traffic.  Their next impulse was to get back on the road.  Instead of accurately gauging the surrounding environment, they decided to pull back out onto the highway too soon. 

Add to that the other truck which passed on the left, who saw Salena hitting her brakes but still decided to maintain the maximum speed they were traveling, creating a recipe for disaster.  By paying close attention to the situation, Salena slowed down enough so she could have come to a complete stop.  I knew the load was secured to the trailer properly and would have easily stayed secure in the event of a sudden stop.

I will rack this up to another good decision by Salena and another reason why I can sleep while she is driving.  I know that she will do the right thing in the dangerous situations.  It takes mutual trust to drive together as a team.  In Salena's case, I knew after a couple of months of living together in my small truck, that she'd be able to handle anything that was thrown at her.  In the end, the only thing that matters is safety.  We do our best to service our customers and make on-time deliveries, but if the safest route involves a late delivery, then that's how it has to be. 

No load is worth your life.  And no customer is worth a bad driving record.  The loads come and go, but your driving record is there for years to come.


june in florida said...

Good advice for anyone driving any type of vehicle.

Belledog said...

Kudos to Salena.