Monday, July 30, 2012

The Strapping Good Times Of Flatbeds

The strap of choice for flatbed operations is 4 inches wide X 30 foot long. The straps come in different colors. Usually they are yellow, but blue, red, green, and orange are also common. Straps are made of polyester webbing and hold up to all environments. They can withstand heat, cold, rain, and prolonged exposure to dry weather. They can be rolled up into a tight roll when not in use and stored for years without breaking down. Most flatbed operators will carry enough straps to secure the entire loaded trailer. The usual amount of straps needed is 14, but it is wise to carry at least 18 straps just in case one breaks, is damaged, or the load requires more securement.
The straps have several different types of anchors. The anchor is how the strap attaches to the trailer or the load. The most popular type of anchor that a strap has is called a flat hook.

The second most popular is the chain anchor strap. The chain anchor is the strap of choice for me. It allows for angled movement and provides better stability where the anchor attaches to the trailer. They also have better resistance to being damaged during an accident because of how they wrap around the trailer tie down point.

Straps are the preferred method of load securement for many types of loads, from pallets to jet engines. They are used on average more than chains and more than wire rope. Their main benefits are lightness of weight, ease of use, and amount of working load limit they are rated for. Their main drawbacks are that they are easily damaged by sharp objects, they stretch, they will expand and contract depending on the environment they are used in, they are flammable, and lastly they do break easier than chains. All in all, I prefer chains to straps, but straps get the job done more times than chains are able to.


ELH said...

Hey Ed, I have a request of you and wondering if you would consider it?? If you remember Back some time ago on the old LOTR site, Salena did a nice series on being or becoming on own/op, what it takes and how to be and stay successful at it.. there's. Such a huge range of topics in this area and some future posts from you with all your experience would be enjoyed by many of us. Out here.. just a thought..take care..

Ed said...

ELH, I don't have any magic formula. Just hard work and stay out of trouble. I will be talking about trailer selection, load securement, and truck maintenance. Thanks again.

ELH said...

You know Ed, as simple as that sounds, its so very true..a good work ethic,and lots of hustle makes a person stand out so much from all the others. I've preached that into my kids since they were all little ones. It's kinda sad, but I suppose for many people its easier to whine and moan than to work hard..
Look forward to your future posts..tell Salena I said hi,and stay out of those pricey shops she's showing us..

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