Friday, April 13, 2012

Living In A Truck

Living in a house is what we are all used to. If not a house, then maybe an apartment, treehouse, boat, rv, or cardboard box. Where you call home could be anywhere, but most likely it was stationary. With a few exceptions, most of us grew up on land under a roof of some kind with running water. When you live in a truck, you spend most of your time in a moving vehicle. I say "live" in a truck because although you maintain a household like the ones listed above, you will be on the road most of the time delivering freight.

Since I started trucking, I learned to make do with what I had and what I had was minimal. The smaller the space the less stuff you have to deal with. In fact, I did have an apartment at one point where I had only 450 square feet of space and then a storage shed with about 100 square feet of space which I kept filled to the brim with boxes, memorabilia, and accumulated miscellaneous crap. Once I rid myself of the crap, I found life a lot easier. Less stuff means less maintenance. I like less maintenance. I like less stuff. I find that the more room you have to store stuff, the more useless stuff you accumulate.

The more stuff you accumulate, the more time you have to spend worrying about it. You have to worry about where to put it, how to take care of it, if it will get ruined in storage, etc. etc. When you are on the road as much as I am, you have to dust everything when you get home. More time spent doing something you don't want to be doing. So now it is time to pare down. I recommend a small apartment that is safe and secure which has little taxes due and little maintenance. Ideally you want a place that is inhabited by someone. Family, friends, maybe a rental house or cabin on someone's land where it is watched and frequented. This is handy for many reasons. Security and someone to recieve your mail for you when you aren't there.

You could use a postal service that receives mail for you. This is handy along with maybe a post office box. I like the mail receiving places because they hold your stuff. Ideally I would like some modern robot that could receive the mail and let me see it in real time. I am sure some Rube Goldberg machine could be made just for this purpose.

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