These days we are living in are rough for many people. Factories all over the USA have shut down or been shipped out of the country. The reason for this phenomenon is simple and easy to explain. Our government has a job to do. They must determine how weak our dollar can be worth versus how much access we have to our own goods. In other words, how broke can we be without collapsing.

Well apparently we can have mass layoffs at factories and the wiping out of unions nationwide and still maintain extremely low tariffs on imported goods. This has sounded the alarm for corporations to move their operations overseas while importing their own goods into the US for record high profits at the same time that they lay off millions of workers.

In short, it is a great time to own or run a mega corporation while it is a horrible time to be a worker at a low level trying to work your way up the ladder. With all the billion dollar corps. out there pumping millions into the media to keep this off the front page, it is unlikely we will see and end to this practice anytime soon.