Sunday, August 15, 2010

Forward thinking

I have decided to take this blog in a new direction. Forward.

Today in trucking we are faced with some real decisions. Many of which are a result of the change in our world. By "Our World" I mean the whole world. I am talking about the internet. This thing that is and will be a part of everyone's life for the unforseeable future. Today you can find loads, book loads, confer with other drivers about loads and so much more. If you are reading this, chances are that you have seen most of these available services already. In case you haven't, then leave the cave because this is 2010 and we are here the future.

I don't talk about politics here because I am not paid by any political party. I do have beliefs and values and those will be displayed here and they will most likely display and leanings that I may have, but since no political party pays me, I don't pitch for them. Otherwise, there has never been any politician that I believe in or follow and there most likely never will be.

The days of old for truck drivers involved adding oil, greasing the truck, changing your own tires, finding pay phones, visiting customers, hauling small loads with a small engine and being very careful going down the mountain passes. The average driver only had a map and whatever directions that the customer provided and maybe a cb with someone who would actually have helpful advice. Air conditioners that were mediocre at best and poor spring ride trucks and trailers that would beat your back to a pulp by the time you were 50. The trucks of old were poluting soot makers and would foul your lungs in a few years poisoning the driver and passenger with sulfer filled fumes. The trucks would idle endlessly over night and all day because fuel was cheaper than a buck a gallon.

Those days are gone for good. Today we have NO privacy as cameras are everywhere and cell phones relay our location to anyone who is interested. This is not cause for paranoia though as there are so many of us using these phones, our location and behavior is most likely never going to be of any interest to anyone unless we are involved in illicit behavior either voluntarily or involuntarily. GPS aids us in finding shippers and recievers. Electronic log books automatically keep out logs up to date. Greaseless tractors require less maintenance and single wide tires are only changed by people with the proper tools. Digital video recorders are cheap and plentiful so that we can record all that happens around our trucks 24 hours a day and easily broadcast it onto the internet. Air ride is on 99 percent of the tractors and air conditioning is mandatory on all tractors. Most trucks have APU's which keep the trucks from idling and sulfer has been decreased in the oil and fuel keeping the air around the engine and exhaust cleaner than ever before.

Welcome to the NEW Trucking industry! Lead, Follow, or get out of the way!

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