So I am becoming a fan of wheresgeorge.com. All you have to do is go to their website and enter the serial number of your money into the site with your location and WHAMO! You ahve found George! or Ben or Thomas or, well you get the idea.

Electronics in motion

EOBR's are electronic on board recorders and they are going to be a reality in the very near future. Today you can easily install cameras that upload to the internet on your truck and for as little as 300 bucks!

There is even software that uses 4 strategically placed cameras on your truck and trailer to produce a "bird's eye view" of your truck and trailer as if you were looking at your truck from the point of a bird circling overhead. All from your cameras mounted on your truck.

VOD is a company associated with Continental Tire Corp. and they make a computer that is mounted in your dash with a monitor that controls your internet access, GPS, tire pressure monitoring, and on board camera system.