Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trucking 2009

Well this is a new year and it has presented new problems for everyone. The economy is driving this industry as well as many others and it is taking its toll. Many industries are concerned about their futures and they are all making cut-backs. The full scope of this economy is too broad to dive into here, but in short confidence is waning.

That being said, you can still make a living in a truck. You have to be near perfect though. There is no room for mistakes. Accidents, tickets, missed delivery times, freight damage. It is sink or swim right now. With all of the freight rates falling on average in relation to the price of fuel, you have to make every dollar count.

There are many trucking companies who have made decisions which they are paying for right now. I know of one company which had purchased new trucks and trailers because the economy was so good, and now they are facing bankruptcy.

A single owner operator is in a completely different boat than an even small sized fleet. One driver can have no truck payment and low overhead as well has having no employees to pay. I solo driver/owner-operator can make a living today. If you have your own shop and can do your own repairs or even better, have an ASE certification allowing you to repair your truck at a state scale if you are put out of service, you can control almost every aspect of the maintenance side of your trucking operation. Of course, you should have some experience repairing trucks first.

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