Monday, September 1, 2008


Well the truck is safely out of harm's way as of yesterday and in line with thousands or millions of fleeing people from New Orleans, LA. Thank goodness that everyone got out of town! There are many people from the area wanting to go home already, but the storm has left a bit of damage depending on where you live in southern Louisiana. The weather channel is the most popular around now. The truck ran well, but seems to have some sort of suspension problem or a bad driveline angle or improperly installed springs or a bad air levelling valve or bad axle spacing or or or or or or. The bottom line is that so far no one knows what the heck the issue is.

Well now that the truck is out of the hurricane zone and Labor Day is over, it is time to get another opinion again. Is it possible that everyone in this country who works on trucks is totally incompetent? Is it? Helloooo? I say it is since no one is answering. That is crazy isn't it? I have the right to be a little crazy after all the crap that just happened.

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