Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Awhile back I used to drive for a few companies. One of them was the fifth largest trucking outfit in the country. They had their own trucking school. It seemed as if they could not lose, but the last days were very telling. Trucking companies have several ways that they show when they are failing. One of them is when dispatchers disappear the day after they come to work. Another way that the companies start to show a failing business model is when they start paying drivers when the drivers aren't doing any work.

This is always a sign of trouble. Of course another way to tell that your trucking company is failing is when banks start showing up to seize trucks at truckstops and at terminals. Then there is always the paychecks that dwindle down to nothing while you are working. Basically there is one way to run a trucking company. You have to have steady customers, good freight, dependable drivers, and good mechanics to keep the truck on the road.

The largest company I ever worked for had its leadership handed to one of the sons of the owners and he cared more about having fun than running a company. So instead of running it, he ruined it. I remember the day that I started looking for another job while I worked at that company. I called in one day and was greeted with a language that I was unfamliar with. I asked if there was anyone there who spoke English and then he put the phone down. I found out that he was brought in to translate to all of the new drivers that were imported from Guatemala! I wonder what amount of money they were working for. Since new drivers were getting 18 cents a mile, I am guessing that these people were getting at least 9 cents a mile. ARRIBA!!! VIVA LA GUATEMALA!!!!

Yeah these companies will do just about anything for a buck. anything..................

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