Saturday, August 16, 2008


In trucking school you are expected to learn about how to safely maneuver your vehicle in traffic on the highway during rush hour and in inclement weather. You cannot possibly learn this though. 2 weeks is not enough time. The plan is to satisfy the insurance companies.

Basically, the way it works is that if you don't have a million dollars to be self insured, which is everybody, then you have to shell out $5000.00 for the school and then go to work for a company that has insurance for students. Once you have worked for them for 2 years then insurance companies will take a look at you. The catch is that if you leave trucking for 3 years, you lose all of your driving experience as far as the insurance companies are concerned and you have to start all over again with the school and driving for a company for 2 years.

This is a round about way that the trucking companies and the government have to insure that truckers are good people and that they maintain their professional demeanor. If you are a jerk and can't do your job properly you can be launched out and forced to start all over again regardless of your experience level unless you have a million dollars to get insurance.

The way it works worded differently is like this:
Insurance companies require 2 years experience in order to insure you. You can't get 2 years experience without insurance so you are forced to go to trucking school and then work for one of these companies that hire students and have horrendous turnover rates and accident frequencies such as rear end collisions and roll overs. The trainers that will train you sometimes only have as little as 6 months experience themselves and their emphasis is on making money, not training you.

This is a system which needs serious refining. The trucking schools should educate the drivers extensively for at least a year on every situation imaginable. At the end of that year, you should be eligible to be insured and able to buy a truck and hit the road on your own if you wish. The trucking schools should incorporate fatigue exercises for when a company keeps you out on the road for too long or when you are kept on a dock for too long and then expected to drive all night long or be late. You must make the right decision here and you should well trained as to what it is.

Trucking schools............a lot to be desired..........................

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