Monday, August 25, 2008


So I have a few transmission issues that have been quite a real dilemma. The problem always is to locate the real problem and fix it immediately. However sometimes the problems don't sort themselves out immediately. In fact the old saying "Don't fix It till Its broke" is usually the only way to go with such things as vibrations and mysterious problems. I don't know how to really describe what happended to my truck exactly, but I do know that it involved the breaking of shaft and the stripping of a few pins in one of the differentials.

The first thing to do when your truck is down is find a competent mechanic to work on your truck. If he or she (Almost always a he) doesn't accept credit cards, that is not always a good sign because perhaps they didn't do their job right the first time and the customer refused to pay or disputed the charge on the credit card. You can get a general feel for the people though and see that they are hard working and care about their job. In the end though, it is the performance of the vehicle that will tell the story.

Usually you want to find a shop that specializes in whatever problem you are having. If you are having engine problems, then you want a shop that has certifications from the manufacturer of your engine and that will warranty their work. A nationwide warranty from a truck manufacturer is important. Sometimes the "little guy" can provide good service and at a price that will substantially be lower than the big shops. You have to weigh it out.

In this instance I had a transmission failure and a differential failure. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Since vibrations can ruin any truck quickly, I made sure that this repair was complete and that all infected parts were taken care off. The shop I went with worked swiftly and at a modest price that was competitive with all of the local area shops. They also got me in quickly and began working immediately. I have had luck with this in the past because the shop was hungry for my business and wanted to keep me as a customer.

This shop towed my truck and had the transmission out in one day and that is no small task. After installing a failed clutch that recieved a factory warranty after being removed, they installed everything and still heard a noise. This noise was found in the front differential and it was then replaced as well. Still a noise was present and the truck was placed in the shop again. Finding noises in drivelines is only for the mechanics out there that have the stamina to stay on top of it. The shop found that one of the leaf springs was one inch lower to the ground than the other ones on the drive axles. This is next on the list to be fixed, but they don't specialize in suspensions so they didn't accept the job of fixing it and after calling the shop that did install the springs, I was told to bring it back and they would take care of it.

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Odessa Coldiron said...

Regular maintenance of the truck is a must. You do not want be on long drives and suddenly, your truck started to show problems and ended up dying. I like the idea of finding a shop that specializes in the problem that you got. It would be easy for them to know what the problem and detect what causes it, as they are more knowledgeable about it. But you should also do regular maintenance and checkups, so you can prevent unnecessary problems from occurring.